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6 emerging trends in kitchen design

Most of the past decade has been filled with images of minimal kitchens with sleek white cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, but over the past several years new trends are slowly emerging into the market of kitchen design. Phrases like “having a soul”, “radiating warmth”, “textural”, “decorative diversity”, and “casual and lived in” may give you a preview of what’s on the horizon.  Here are six emerging trends I’ve pulled out for you.

1. Personalization. Consumers seem to finally want to add a bit of their own personality into their kitchen design and forgo the cookie cutter kitchen designs we have come to see in most American homes. You love cooking pizza? Then add a stone pizza stove. A wine or beer connoisseur? Add a barrel tap into the wall to dispense your favorite label. Host every holiday meal? Add double ovens. I’ve personally been eyeing this built in steamer from Sub Zero Wolf.  Functionality is a given when designing a kitchen, but touches of personal decoration are emerging too like carved icons into wood cabinets, cabinet dividers or beams.

2. Natural Elements: Woods & Stones.  Incorporating wood into the kitchen whether it be a specialty wood counter, working surface blocks or timber beams with variegated uneven grains, imperfections and knots.  Salvaged European farm stones, carnelian or petrified wood used in kitchen counters, fireplaces, focus walls or back splashes.

Design by Mowlem & Company.

Petrified Wood tiles from Ann Saks

3. Bronze & Gold Fixtures. This has ever so slowly been emerging over the past 5-6 years. I think the gold color has been given the label of “outdated” in kitchen & bath design in the states. But folded into the design softly, it can be so elegant.

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4. Warm Grays & Blues in Cabinet Colors (and even inside drawers). These colors in pale or deep hues are emerging as a new friendly neutral. If you remember back in September I talked about the Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis having Tiffany Blue even inside the dresser drawers- well color is emerging inside kitchen (& bathroom) drawers.

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5. Pantry. The return of the pantry! Thank god. I’ve seen so many new homes the past couple of years and there has definitely been a lack of storage. So I welcome this with open arms! I personally added a butler’s pantry for china and linens and a wet bar to my own house. I took a full bath off the kitchen and renovated it into the pantry and a powder room. (Adding a pocket door to the powder room helped save on space.)

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6. Open Shelving (or open walls above lower cabinets). This not only allows a space feel more open but encourages “family style” stacked plates and glasses that everyone can easily grab. The addition of a pantry for added storage may allow you to incorporate an open wall or shelving into a kitchen design instead of having wall to wall upper cabinets.

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