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bacon bourbon? yes, old major bacon bourbon is coming… & bacon cocktails are even being garnished with a bacon strip!

BACON! BACON! BACON! Bacon has become so popular over the past several years that it’s appearing in everything from bourbon to chocolate. Bacon cocktails and even bacon stations with several different types of smoked bacons at events are becoming very popular. Most restaurants across the country are infusing their own home-made bacon infused bourbons & bacon cocktail concoctions but a new bacon bourbon is on the horizon for release, called Old Major. It’s been making quite a splash and people are anxiously awaiting the much buzzed about bacon bourbon. Visit their site for many fun cocktail recipes (like ‘Broken Hoof” and ‘Fizzy Piggy’) and sign up for announcements on it’s release. I love the design of the bottle and logo too.

Restaurants like Miami’s Yardbird Southern Table & Bar and Chicago’s The Southern are offering drinks like “Bloody Yardbird” and “Maple Bacon Manhattans” (pictured above) which include bacon infused bourbons and are usually garnished with a strip of bacon.

I had a chance to speak with Old Major and asked them a couple quick questions.

LBB: Why do you think bacon is becoming so popular in America? OM: Bacon is delicious, plain and simple. It lends itself well to the artisanal food trend. On top of that, as Americans, we have an appreciation for opulence, and bacon often referred to as ‘candy meat’, can accompany nearly any other consumable item- in this case bourbon.

LBB: Where will we be able to buy your bourbon when it launches?  OM: Old Major Bacon Bourbon has partnered with Branded Spirits, Ltd. an alcohol distribution and brand owner which has, until recently, focused on the sales of Western spirits in Asia. Through this partnership, we will first look to be available in many of the southern states, although the coastal states should follow very shortly afterwards.

Well Old Major, I for one am anxiously awaiting your release so I don’t have to make my own bacon infused bourbon for these amazing cocktail recipes! And when you do, an all-day brunch will be soon to follow for my friends & colleagues filled with… bacon, bacon, bacon! – Lynn Butler Beling