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bored with a neutral room? citrus colored accessories & flowers are a fast, simple solution

Do you have a room in your home that all of a sudden looks really bland now that spring is here? Painting or purchasing a large piece of furniture can be timely and costly. And what if you realize on Monday morning that the green walls that took you all weekend to paint- just isn’t for you? If you are looking for quick interjections of color just try adding pillows, throws and even flowers in the color you’d like to test out. This is far less of a commitment and it’s a small step if you are afraid of making a mistake in decorating with bold colors. You can live with the color for awhile, and if you fall in love with it, then move on to bigger pieces or shades of that color. Above are a few examples of accessories and flowers in our citrus color palette this week. Adding one pillow might not be enough, I would try at least three types of colorful accents- like pillows(plural), a throw, vases or flowers to start in your room to make sure you have a nice balance. The picture below shows you how adding orange accessories can really change the look and feel of this neutral room. Notice the oranges on the table. A bowl of fruit in a citrus palette can be an nice alternative to flowers. Remember though, not everything has to be a solid color- try mixing patterned pieces (like the green print pillow above) with the solids to give your room a nice visual interest.

Above, clockwise: a yellow ranunculus flower arrangement, Geo Print pillow in green cotton, a dianthus ‘trix’ green arrangement and a set of six yellow vases. Below, textured linen pillows, a decorative cable knit throw in orange, orange solid linen pillow by Thomas Paul and white linkia starfish can help you recreate this look.

neutral room w: orange accents.001

Photo above via Coastal Livng. Below is our citrus color palette this week including Benjamin Moore paint color suggestions in case you want to go bold and you are ready for more of a commitment. Photo by Sang An.

color palette- citrus.001