September 18th, 2013 No Comments

budgets can sometimes make you think outside the…cup

This creative couple certainly thought outside the box with their reception decorations. Using coffee filters they dipped them in water color paint and made them into garlands that draped over their reception tables. Sometimes a budget can make you look for alternate, more affordable options. If you love this idea but really don’t have the time check out for some more handmade options. This is a great idea too for birthday parties or other celebrations. Our stylist tip though is to make sure you have enough garland to really make an impact. This garland would not have the same affect if there were only a few strands going over the tables. Abundance and multiples really make that wow statement.

Looking for the right red? Try our red suggestions this week from Monday’s post. (Just make sure to water the paint down if you will be dipping the ends of coffee filters). Photo via wedding Bella Wedding.