April 25th, 2012 1 Comment

Celebrated caterer Peter Callahan shares one of his favorite specialty drinks with me- his cranberry-tini

“Cranberry-tinis are one of my favorite specialty drinks, their color palette is striking which is an important component of a drink, and the flavor from fresh squeezed cranberries is crisp original and refreshing. Cranberry-tinis combine the two most important ingredients in a drink, color palette and flavor. Their palette of crimson red is a powerful color and the flavor is bold and universal.” says Peter Callahan. You can find the recipe to this drink in Peter’s recently published book, “Bite By Bite”. Peter’s “Peter Callahan Catering” is renowned for his miniature savory and dessert hors d’oeuvres. He’s done several parties for me personally and we also worked on photo shoots together while I was an editor at Martha Stewart Weddings. Peter is a dream to work with and he’s so creative and energetic- he always can push the envelope and create something special for your event/color palette, but it will still be tasteful and easy for guests to enjoy. Several of my personal favorites that Peter makes are his mini cotton candy lollipops on lucite sticks, mini cheeseburgers, frites and grilled cheese. It’s not only the size of the food that will have your guests talking it’s the unique presentation of all of Peter’s menus and drinks. For the Cranberry-tini, Peter’s tip is to dress the bar monochromatically. “I drape the table with a red tablecloth and dress the bar with red paper cocktail napkins, red glass candleholders, red candles and a red glass bowl for ice.”, says Peter,  Then I “use clear carafes to show off the matching hue of the drinks.”

Peter’s wife is dress designer, Josephine Sasso– check out her site too- what a talented family!