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choosing a bathroom sink for small spaces

When choosing a bathroom vanity if you need storage you might want to consider a vessel sink. A vessel sink, which sits above the counter really only has the pipe underneath to contend with. So instead of losing that top drawer in a vanity, the top drawer can be made to have a ‘notch’ in it (see below) to go around the pipe and still allow you the storage space. This is great for powder rooms, so you have a drawer and possibly 2 doors underneath. This doesn’t have to be custom, some stock vanities already have this like this one pictured below from Simon’s Hardware. Now of course there are other options like this beautiful sink pictured above that is open below and the pipe’s exposed. This might make the space feel a little larger without the bulk of a vanity piece below the sink but you’ll have to be a bit more creative with your storage, like baskets, maybe a deep set medicine cabinet and possibly even shelves. But I thought I’d just share this information about the drawer with the notch in it for vessel sinks because as I’m working on a lot of bathroom designs now, and I’m realizing not everyone knows about this little trick. – Lynn Butler Beling

sink drawer notch.001

simons sink.001