July 15th, 2013 No Comments

color palette: a fun palette for a beach side cottage or even a playhouse

This is a color palette I personally used for my girls playhouse. It took a little while to select the right shades of blue, pink and yellow that would look fresh and fun, but these are the exact Benjamin Moore paints I used. I’ll show you the playhouse on Thursday when we post about interiors. I have since then found these straws from Ikea that fit in the palette perfectly. Only a $1.49 for a pack of 100! -Great for smoothies and cool summer drinks.

For a ‘grown-up’ take on this palette, see how Miles Redd incorporated these colors at a family’s vacation house at the Lyford Cay club that appears in Architectural Digest’s August 1013 issue.

arch digest lyford cay canopy room.001

arch digest- yellow bedroom.001

arch digest: lyford cay house.001

arch digest lyford cay hall.001

arch digest lyford cay pool.001