January 7th, 2013 No Comments

color palette: blues, grays, off-white & bleached wood

This is by far one of my favorite color palettes. This bedroom is very similar to my own personal bedroom, though I have a bleached wood wall behind my velvet blue tufted headboard. Chalky white walls and bleached wood provide a beautiful neutral backdrop to so many palettes, but I love the shades of blues and grays with this one. I’ve selected some paint colors from Benjamin Moore to help recreate this look if you desire, or just to inspire. A painted bedside table in a soft gray also breaks up all the wood and adds a layer to the palette. Accessories can change a look so easily too. By adding a toile or printed Ikat blanket, or even by adding a printed rug, the entire look would change from soft and pale to more of a lively one of pattern. Sometimes too I believe your eye needs to ‘rest’. You don’t always have to cover every wall with photos or artwork. By just letting this gorgeous headboard and the molding be the visual interest for your eye you notice all the details and appreciate the color. I love this palette in winter and summer- perfect anytime of year.

Stylist Note: See how the linens are crisp solid white? Several of my clients are so afraid of just plain white linens, saying they seem too much like ‘hospital’ linens. This is a good example of how to layer in color in furniture and accessories and let the classics be your base. If you’ve ever noticed almost all luxury hotels and spas use white linens. It makes everything seem fresh, clean and restful for a good night sleep. As far as design it allows you to use accessories, accent furniture, paint and art work to change the look or feel of the room.

Photo by Lucas Allen