May 13th, 2012 No Comments

color palette: pink and green

There’s still nothing quite as fun as pink and green. Usually associated with ‘preppy’ many designers feature these colors in their lines still, usually with a modern take, like John Robshaw’s cotton Ikat prints (see pillow below) or a design like this inspirational photo that appeared in Lonny. But there’s still your tried and true brands like Lily Pulitzer to get your pink and green prep going. Whether for home or fashion, pink and green are always a happy, friendly color palette. Stripes, solids, patterns in anything from towels to painted walls, pink and green is still a favorite…..right? For me the palette conjures up nostalgic lazy summer afternoons or I imagine an incredibly well designed breezy porch at one of Jane Wrightman’s homes..maybe with Slim Aarons there taking snap shots.

Ok, back to reality…selling monogrammed items and modern prep, Chris Burch, Tori Burch’s ex has his own stores, called C Wonder. They’re opening summer pop-up shops in Nantucket and Southampton this year. ┬áThe green he picked for his stores is Benjamin Moore’s “Sweet Pea” # 2031-30. It’a a little more yellow/neon than your traditional kelly green, but it looks great. Can’t wait to stop by and check them out this summer, since I haven’t had a chance see his NYC stores yet.