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come along with me to my favorite antique store in the hamptons- nellie’s of amagansett

Meet Connie Dankmyer, owner of Nellie’s of Amagansett -my favorite haunt in the Hamptons to go antiquing. Connie has a keen eye and curates her finds, editing and showcasing items in collections and as pieces of art all to themselves. I can literally spend hours here, browsing and appreciating everything displayed for my eye to just relish. Whether you are looking for vintage lighting, furniture, bakelite, jadeite, fireplace accessories or linens, there is something for everyone here. I recently just bought a beautiful milk glass cake plate and 6 small plates as a bridal shower gift here as well as 3 glass cloches (I’ve been obsessed with cloches lately) and long metal drawers which I’m going to line and use to fill ice and drinks for a summer party. Connie is so enthusiastic and knowlegable, make sure to strike up a conversation with her and she’ll help you find something you’ll be sure to love. This is one place to put on your list as a destination if you happen to be in the Hamptons. -Lynn Butler Beling

connie's window.001

connie's long bench.001

connie's boat.001

connie's highchairs.001

connie's metal boxes.001

connie's ceramic jugs.001

connie's apothocary jars.001

connie's bakelite knives.001

connie's spindal table .001

connie's copper bowls.001

connie's mirrors .001

connie's vintage lighting.001

connie's armoire.001

connie's fireplace scoops.001

connie's hen linen.001

connie's metal tub.001

connie's bells .001

connie's watering cans.001

connie's glass.001

connie's pine table .001

connie's stamps .001

connie's green basket.001

connie's clear bottles .001

connie's wooden tools.001

connie's shelves.001

connie's vintage bottler.001

connie's lg glass jug.001

connie's fireplace accessories.001