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easy as 1-2-3, invest in 3 vases and make your centerpieces a breeze all summer long!

If you are expecting a long summer of entertaining friends at home, here is something simple to keep your table looking elegant, but easy. Invest in 3 vases in  the same material (or color) in varying heights to cluster together. These white porcelain vases are from our little blue dish shop and actually look beautiful on their own as well. But even just filling them with 3 flowers looks pulled together. It literally only took about two minutes to do, especially if you can pull flower cuttings from your own garden. Now of course you can fill the vases with more flowers, grasses or branches if you’d prefer. And if your vases are wider you can fill with fruit like lemons or apples instead of flowers, plant succulents or a flowering plant or fill with sea glass or seashells. The vases might be a little more of an investment initially but think of how much money you might spend on flower arrangement after flower arrangement each time you need a centerpiece.  Again, the secret is to get 3 containers that are of like material i.e.: porcelain, glass, terra cotta etc. and fill the containers with a monochromatic flower, plant or fruit.

seashells in vases.001

These seashell vase fillers are available from Pottery Barn.