July 30th, 2013 No Comments

elevate even the most casual parties with a bit of direction…and calligraphy

If you are entertaining friends and family this summer it’s ok to give them a bit of direction and having a calligrapher do a few simple tags or signs for you can help you do that. You can’t be everywhere when your guests start arriving, so having a station or bar set up for drinks so they may help themselves can actually let them feel at home and at ease. A calligraphed note can act as your elegant helping hand and let them know it’s ok to dive into the festivities without you waiting on them. This calligraphy was done by Gail Brill Design, who does all my calligraphy. But you can also search etsy.com or download a font of your choice to print out your own. A color ink usually sets it apart from a standard black ink and lets your guests know you took the time for even the smallest details. -Lynn Butler Beling

pink & green: serve yourself tag.001