July 19th, 2012 1 Comment

Environmental Lifestyle Expert, Danny Seo, designs a new line of ‘green’ products

Environmental Lifestyle Expert, Danny Seo, has launched his own line of beautifully designed products for your home. Available at stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls, living ‘green’ has never been so easy, affordable and chic. Ranging from kitchen utensils to bath towels to woks, Danny has carefully designed each product with the environment and energy savings in mind. Danny even offers a great looking Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Composter! Danny Seo has several books available to help you navigate living an eco-friendly lifestyle and shares expert tips and creative ideas in “UpCycling”, “UpCycling Celebrations”, “Simply Green Giving”, “Simply Green Parties” and “Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century”. Be sure to read his nationally syndicated column “Do Just One Thing” as well.

Danny lived close to my house in Bucks County and produced a photo shoot for Country Home about my home there. Afterwards we’ve become friends and colleagues. So please be sure to┬ácheck out is full bio, product lines, news, books and television appearances on his site dannyseo.com. Danny is a very talented, FUNNY and charming gentleman. No wonder he’s America’s favorite eco-friendly lifestyle authority!