August 24th, 2012 No Comments

field trip: my favorite farmer’s markets in the hamptons

Since eggplants and fresh vegetables are in full season here in New York, I thought I’d share my two favorite farmer’s markets in the Hamptons with you. The first market is Halsey Farm Stand on Deerfield Road by the Head of Pond intersection in Water Mill. They have a huge selection of vegetables in unusual varieties, fresh corn that’s still warm from being just picked in the fields, fresh flowers, cheeses, honey, jam…and chocolate mouse pies from Gurneys in the fridge! There’s plenty of parking and they take credit cards. The second is Round Swamp Farm in East Hampton. I dream about their homemade warm cinnamon buns- they are the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever tasted! But just as important – they not only have fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers- they have fresh seafood. This can almost be a one-stop-shop since they have market basics like butter, lemons, milk etc.. But what makes it so endearing is that they name their pies, lemonade etc. after the people that work there… “shelly’s lemonade” or “lisa’s peach cobbler”. They also take credit cards. This market is definitely worth the trip!