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fruit can take the place of flowers for your centerpieces

Compotes or bowls of fruit can be beautiful centerpieces. Forgo the costly floral arrangement and pick up a fruit that coincides with the color palette of your wedding or celebration. Clementines, oranges and kumquats (which symbolize good luck in Asia) are a perfect choice this time of year. Above clementines and kumquats are paired with succulents for a chic table setting. Mixing gold, silver and glass as neutral elements allow the orange to pop. Having a lot of guests for the holidays? Rental companies don’t just do weddings and really large events, consider contacting your local rental company about chairs, linens, a long table, a punch bowl etc. for even a small gathering. Even if you don’t have enough stemware or dishes for your party you can rent it all instead of buying everything.┬áThese chairs are a classic “ballroom” style chair.

succulent table setting.001

via West Coast Chic