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gray and yellow color palette inspiration

Gray rooms, kitchens and even a studio space like we saw Monday have been very popular of late. Adding pops of yellow in accessories and flowers brings the gray to life. Here are a few inspirational rooms and tabletops using a gray and yellow color palette. (Image above from Crate and Barrel) gray and yellow outdoors.001

Notice how even natural materials like a concrete tabletop, the aluminum on the chairs and even gravel can be the gray in your color palette.

gray and yellow kitchen.001

Soft touches of gray like the painted woven pattern on the celing bring in small amounts of gray and add visual interest.

yellow roses.001

Even small floral arrangements can add that pop of color you might need in a room. Notice how the marble top coffee table is a classic choice to bring in a bit of  gray in the striations.

gray and yellow tabletop.001

This tabletop from Coastal Living is a great example of using a bold pattern cloth and different sized containers in 2 colors to make up a complete color palette. Gold Tumblers available on our Little Blue Dish Shop. Paris Gray or Slate Gray Tapers available from Creative Candles. If you are thinking… “I would never be able to find a tablecloth like that in the color I need”..remember you can always have fabric made into a tablecloth at your local upholstery shop or sometimes even your dry cleaner can whip up a simple cloth.