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interiors: duravit introduces a wireless Sound System to their new bathroom series, combining luxury, style and sound

At the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) show in NYC,  I made sure to stop at the Duravit booth. I love their design and quality. I love it so much I have a Duravit cabinet and sink in my own master bathroom (which was featured as “Bath of the Month” in House Beautiful’s November 2012 issue). Duravit had several new introductions at this show. One was really great for the music lover- their LED mirrored cabinets now have a Sound System option. Wireless speakers are tucked discreetly within the furniture cabinet. This system has been specially tailored to a bathroom’s acoustics and your music can be streamed wirelessly from any Bluetooth compatible device. It can register up to eight different devices and has password protection options.  Tim Schroeder, Duravit’s USA President noted, “Technology is a necessary part of our everyday activities. By seamlessly integrating the Sound System stereo option into the bathroom, we’re giving users an added luxury to their daily routine. Sound System represents Duravit’s commitment to merging cutting edge technology with bathroom design and remaining ahead of the game in design and innovation.”

duravit sound system interior.001

They also showed their Senso Wash toilet which has it’s own remote control.

duravit toilet remote control.001

Toilets are floating off the wall and also a more squared off seat has been designed for better comfort like like their Happy D.2. design shown here.

duravit happy d toilet.001

In the Happy D.2. series Duravit has softened the aesthetic of the original Happy D signature “D” shaped ceramics and bathtubs as well as introduced a new linen furniture finish (which I love with it’s textural appearance!). The original Happy D. range was launched in 1998 and designed by Sieger Design which was an instant classic. The new Happy D.2. series is offering 13 bathtubs, 12 washbasins and new styles for toilets, bidets and cabinets. I love this series because it is modern, simple but elegant, and it also provides a lot storage in the cabinets under the sinks which fit seamlessly together.  The washbasins allow a small space to look larger too. Without such a heavy feel to them like a cabinet that rests on the floor would, Duravit’s cabinets appear to float. -Lynn Butler Beling

duravit happy d linen cabinet.001

Above, Duravit’s Happy D.2. linen furniture finish. Below, two of the 13 new Happy D.2. series tubs.

duravit happy d tub.001

duravit happy d tub and sink .001

Below, I designed my own personal master bath with a Duravit sink and cabinet which was featured in House Beautiful magazine’s November 2012 issue as “Bath of the Month”.

bath of the month-house beautiful.001