October 5th, 2012 No Comments

jamali garden store

One of my favorite places to go for inexpensive holiday decor is Jamali Garden store on West 28th street in New York City. But they now have a lot of their things online and will ship all over the country. You can find anything from vases to garlands to moss. ThisĀ 16 inch Berry Wreath is only $22, set of 6 Red Glitter Birds, $4.50 and a 6 foot Red Glitter Bay Leaf Garland, only $16. If you are in the city it’s worth a trip to the flower market to see what they have, if not I definitely recommended looking through their site. I should mention it’s not only for holidays, they have basic supplies like urns, scissors, ribbon, bamboo poles, pots, lanterns etc. all year long.