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Judy Ross’s rugs can change the entire look and feel of your room! (like her lagoon rug)

A rug can make a big statement and change the entire look of a room. Judy Ross Textiles creates rugs that do just that. “Rugs are definitely a wise investment; they are functional and can be enjoyed for many years, and even passed down through generations.” Judy says.

So just like a diamond, or a heirloom watch, rugs can be a very important purchase, because a well made rug can last for years and years. The rug above which is from Judy’s line is called the Lagoon Rug. (As you know I love blues and this one fits in perfectly with our color palette this week.) It could certainly add some life and texture to a room. Even if your room was painted white and almost all your furniture were neutral- by adding this rug it could automatically give the room personality. You can see by the photo below even by mixing patterns a rug plays an important part in a room’s overall decor and feel. Whether you are more traditional or more contemporary with your style- there is a rug out there for you. When looking for a rug if you like a style but it’s not in a color you like always ask what other color ways it comes in. For example Judy’s Celine rugs, which I’ve shown you below in two blue and tan palettes, look very different. By switching out the background and color order it can conjure up a completely different reaction from the viewer.  Judy’s company can custom make a size, color and design for you. So don’t be shy, always tell a salesperson exactly what you are looking for- you never know what color or size they might have available that’s not on display!

blue zig zag rug.001

Below: The Celine rug in two different color ways from Judy Ross Textiles

judy ross color ways.001

(Note: After going through so many rugs over the years I have found that the natural jute and sisal rugs that I love are almost impossible to clean if you get a stain on them. I now look for rugs that can be professionally cleaned. I had a few large cotton rugs recently too, but I’m now going to restrict those to a size I can throw in the washer- like small area rugs. Even a professional cleaner could not get out stains from the cotton like you would from say a wool rug. Cleaning rugs in my home has become so much more frequent now with kids and dogs in the house!  -LBB)