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monograms off madison, I’m loving this store

A few years ago a friend of mine took me to a new store called Monograms Off Madison, located in a beautiful old townhouse off Madison Avenue on 93rd Street in New York City, and I loved it! I recently went back and they have even more fun things for kids and wonderful gifts for men, women and the home. Although they don’t offer very many things online, if you are in New York it’s worth the trip up town to see this shop. There of course are lots of pink and green and preppy items like tote bags, personalized paper etc.. I also love all the icons you can have embroidered on items like tote bags, anything from whales to horses to dogs to tennis rackets. All this personalization is why it’s worth the trip to the actual store. This is a great place to pick up a special personalized Valentine’s Day present. But be sure to give yourself a few days for them to do the actual monogramming. Here’s a peek at some of the items they have…

monogramed hat in pink letters.001

pink and green monograms.001

pink and green heart totes monogramed.001

monogramed pink blanket.001

monogramed totes and bags.001

monogramed tennis racket covers.001

monogramed madeline dolls.001

monograms off madison items.001