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need a fast centerpiece idea? it’s as simple as a bowl of oranges

Having friends over at the last minute or just looking for a different table setting idea other than flowers? Pick up fruit, like a bag of oranges and place them in a white bowl (like above) or a wire bowl (see below).  Fruit in multiples is the key to it looking abundant and stylish.  Fruit alone can be very beautiful and minimal- whether it’s apples, grapes, limes etc. – it all depends on your color palette, but keep to one type of fruit for the biggest visual impact. If your table is very large, group in several bowls or one really gigantic bowl.  For a more casual table, set your largest cutting board as a type of runner for your bowls. I have about 2-3 very large vintage ones on hand for buffets etc. that I have found at flea markets and antique shows. If you ever come across large vintage cutting boards I urge you to pick them up- they make great trays for a large cheese displays or to pile up sandwiches on for a casual parties and picnics. Orange looks great with a gray and white or against wood so I selected some items from my shop to help you create a table setting.  Above, White Bowl and Large Cutting Board, Below, Mercury Candlesticks, White Porcelain Plates, Gray Linens and Wire Basket, all available on Little Blue Dish. gray and white tabletop.001

We also have great gray felt placemats, coasters and trivets from Belgium on our shop- to make a cozy fall table setting.

felt placemats & trivets.001

clemetines in wire bowl.001

(image via noperfectdayforbananafish.tumblr.com)

Remember my recent post “How to Create a Simple Buffet”? See how I used an abundance of grapes to make an impact? It’s very easy, but make sure to get a lot of fruit especially if you are laying it out on a board like this.