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nordic table inspiration: personal decanters at each place setting…and it’s ok to move your dining table to a different room

One of my favorite tableware companies is Royal Copenhagen. This simple but beautiful table is set with a crisp white linen cloth and their Blue Fluted Plain pattern. The pattern was first adopted in 1775 as their very first porcelain dinner service. It is still painted and glazed by hand. Even though this pattern is 238 years old it still has a fresh design appeal.  I pair the pattern with their White Fluted porcelain to break things up a bit. This photo is from the book The Nordic Table. I loved that each place setting was personalized with a vintage decanter (taken from old English traveling cases). These decanters are all matching but using a different vintage decanter (that you might find at your local antique shop) at each place setting could be just as charming. Using a more modern decanter to mix old and new styles would also bring new life to the classic patterned porcelain. The centerpiece could be potted topiaries or a large plant vs. a formal arrangement.  Here are a few decanters that could work: night carafe, decanter sake set, cocktail carafe, glass bottle.


Stylist Note: I change the location of my dining table from season to season. During the winter months I use our formal dining room with chandelier  by the fireplace, but in summer I move the dining table to our living room because we have more guests in the summertime, the room is lighter and you can see out to the pool. Changing how you use your rooms from season to season lets you use your rooms to their best potential. I sometimes use a sofa pulled up to the table in summer for more seating, and that means I move the remainder of the living room furniture to the dining room for an intimate seating arrangement.