February 26th, 2013 No Comments

personalize your table setting with monogram chair covers & matchbooks

To continue with our monogram theme this week I wanted to share with you a table I styled for InStyle magazine. First I had Gail Brill (our weddings contributor this month on the blog!) design a personal monogram for the couple. We then gave the monogram design to Penn & Fletcher in Long Island City to embroider chair covers in a blue that was in our color palette. Now I did these here for a wedding reception, just for the bride and groom, but you can do this idea for your own chairs at home too. We simply just sewed edges to a rectangular piece of fabric so it draped over the top of the chair & had fabric ties attached at the ends so that I could secure the covers on the chair. Another small detail for the table was to have matchbooks with a monogram. ForYourParty.com is a great place to order monogrammed napkins, stir sticks etc. to personalize your table or your celebration.

monogram matchbooks instyle.001