May 16th, 2012 No Comments

Pink & Green: the wedding of Laura & Tory Patterson

This gorgeous late summer wedding in Napa was designed by Isabella Sikaffy of Florabella Weddings and photographed by Liz Banfield. This application of the pink and green color palette is such a great example of understated chic. I love the simple wreaths with pink ribbons as bride and groom chair decorations and the overall table settings (see photo below) are just beautiful. Combining topiaries for the ‘green’ and white, cream and pink flowers interspersed down the long rectangular tables is so appropriate for an outdoor garden reception. I’ve been loving these long rectangular tables outside in a garden with the globe lights strung in the trees overhead- it seems so romantic. I’ve seen quite a few weddings with this type of setting just over the past several months. Notice Isabella used pink tablecloths, but with an off-white runner to tone down the color palette a bit and neutralize the centerpieces and then finished off the outdoor table setting with the ‘fruitwood’ ballroom chairs with neutral off-white cushions. This is a great example of how to add color but without saturating everything in those two colors. The use of neutral off-whites really make a huge difference in the overall effect of the pink and green color palette. If she had used pink and green everywhere, from the chair color to the cushions to the tablecloths, it would have been too much.