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selecting colors for kitchen cabinetry & islands, my tips for a cohesive design

I’ve been working for several months now on a custom home for a client.  From the beginning it was decided to keep the kitchen light and bright with white cabinets and a marble countertop. But my suggestion has been to have the large island be a dark gray/blue color (similar to the color pictured above) as a beautiful contrast to the white. The overall house color palette will be soft shades of white, gray and pale blue. So this week we are selecting the color for the island. We also are having a custom wet bar designed and need to select the color of that which will be in the adjacent hallway to the kitchen. Whether the wet bar color will be the same as the island is something I’m deciding on now. Over the next several weeks I will be able to share some photos of the results and the exact paint colors as it all comes together.  I always like to have the island be a different color from the cabinets or to have the island countertop surface be a different material (like wood, stainless or a silestone) or color just to break up the mass of cabinets that usually surround an island.  Here are some quick tips and questions to ask yourself when selecting the colors for your kitchen design. -Lynn Butler Beling

1. Consider the adjoining rooms of your home and their colors and design. Try to marry the style and color of the cabinets to your homes aesthetic.

2. When in doubt, select classic cabinets of white in a modest door style and add your color- even if it’s a tan, blue, green or wood to your kitchen island. This will appeal to most buyers if you ever go to sell your home and it also allows you to start with a neutral color palette and go from there as you settle into your design.

3. If you have your heart set on a color like this blue (below) for your kitchen cabinets then I still suggest to have your island, table or work surface be a different material or color to break up the mass of color.

4. Consider your dishes and fine china in your overall color selection for your kitchen. This will help in the cohesive look to your kitchen. Once your kitchen renovation is done remember your dishes and tableware will always be a large part of your kitchen aesthetic.

For more inspiration follow my boards on Pinterest. For a few great color options take a look back at Monday’s color palette. The tan, gray and dark blue green colors from this palette are great colors for kitchen islands.

blue open kitchen island.001

white cabinets, wood island .001

blue kitchen cabinets w wood island.001