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simple favors- they don’t just have to be for weddings

Favors at weddings don’t have to be so expensive. A simple little token for guests to take away with them is always a gracious gesture, but don’t stress; If you can’t find a gift that you want to give you don’t have to give a favor. If you can’t think of a personalized favor, a favor of a local treat is always a great idea- local candy or fudge, honey, maple syrup etc..  Also, you don’t have to be hosting a wedding to give your guests a favor; You can give your guests a favor whether the gathering is small or large, at a venue or at your home.  I love these little booklets I found and sell on my shop Little Blue Dish. They come in several varieties depending on the interests of your crowd. Pictured above are a book about herbs which was perfect for an outdoor gathering I hosted. I pinned the books to strings of twine with mini clothespins and wrote on a vintage chalkboard to take one. Setting up a table in clear view of the path your guests will be exiting is key so they will be sure to pick up a favor on their way out. -Lynn Butler Beling

Credits: John Dolan, photographer, styling by Lynn Butler Beling, booklets from Little Blue Dish Shop, Faux birds from Jamali Garden.

favor table: styled by lynn butler beling.001