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simple herb centerpieces & place settings for the holidays

The holidays can be a very stressful time of year, trying to fit in all the shopping, baking, attending events and parties, all within your usual busy schedule. So if you are hosting a holiday dinner, brunch or luncheon try these simple but chic ideas. Your table doesn’t always have to be red and green for the holiday.  Neutral creams & whites, chestnut colors and fresh greens is a lovely palette for any party.  Above, clear vases in different sizes and shapes hold mint and lavender. You can pick up fresh herb bunches like this while you are at the grocery store. If your store doesn’t have lavender try rosemary or thyme. These centerpieces are actually from Molly Sims wedding and done by The Velvet Garden but are perfect for a holiday setting. The overall event was planned by celebrity planner Yifat Oren. Below, finish off each place setting with a bundle of fragrant herbs tied with twine or ribbon. For a more rustic look, forgo the tablecloth. (Just remember your water glass should be set above your knife and the wine glass to the right of your water when setting your table, not as you see here) These herb place settings were done by Cedarwood Weddings.

herb bundle place setting.001

If you have a bit more time you can get multiples of potted herbs and place them down the center of your table. You can also have each of your guests take a plant home at the end of the party. A small favor for a holiday meal is always a nice gesture. You could give a bag of your favorite coffee, chocolate, a bag of seeds or herbs or even a bag of cookies. Tying rolled napkins with bakers twine or ribbon is a quick and very easy detail to do to make your table look more festive. This table setting was done by Adornments Flowers. Again if you are going for a more informal look like you see below try the paper placemats by Hester & Cook, I’m sure you’ll love one of their designs.