August 7th, 2012 No Comments

tuesday’s tabletop: tomato placecard holder & corn grit votive holder

Personalizing a lunch or dinner for friends can be very easy and not so overwhelming. Here using the colors in our tomato color palette this week, all I did was take a toothpick, a piece of paper cut into a flag shape with my friends’ names and poked it into a cherry tomato as a place card holder. This could be an easy lunch or dinner for friends and family. I used fresh vegetables along a cutting board as the centerpiece and served corn soup with cherry tomatoes and crackers as the starter. I took dry corn grits and filled my glass votive holders to secure the votive candle, keeping within our color palette and theme. You can buy corn grits at the grocery store- usually found with the dry rice and pasta goods. I also mixed in mums in a glass jar, and put the jar in a burlap bag so it looks like the mums are coming straight from the bag. Adding salt and pepper in small low dishes also makes it feel more like a harvest table. White wine and water in low glass tumblers keeps the table looking clean and simple. Plates, bowls and salt cellars are by Mud Australia and the calligraphy is by Gail Brill Design.