March 18th, 2013 No Comments

this week’s color palette: citrus- orange, lemon & lime…with gray

This week’s color palette was inspired by a story I styled for Martha Stewart Weddings about citrus. Photographer Sang An shot this beautiful image. We used a slightly pale gray background to allow the bright colors to pop. Which just as in a room, a neutral color is always a good base to allow bright colors to shine. These Benjamin Moore paint color selections are very true to the vibrant citrus. I chose Gray Lake because it has a slight green tint to it and works within this color family. I’ll keep sharing the citrus story I styled this week, but for today I’ll also share the orange cake I worked on with Wendy Kromer, Contributing Editor at MSW for the story. The orange slices as borders on buttercream icing were a new take on the whole fruit cakes we had done before. Natural elements like fruits, flowers- these are great inspirations when trying to select a color palette for a wedding, a party or even a room. – Lynn Butler Beling

martha stewart citrus cake 2.001