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this week’s color palette: muted fruits & foliage colors for casual outdoor entertaining

It’s officially fall. But while it’s still warm why not continue to entertain friends and family outside. Creating a casual afternoon of cocktails and bite sized food doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. I’ll be sharing my tips all week for casual entertaining so I hope you’ll follow along today through Friday. Pictured above is this week’s color palette which I introduce each Monday and my paint chip picks from Benjamin Moore.  Colors chips from top to bottom: Pearly Gates 190, Pearl Harbor 2165-50, Golden Gate 033, Palace Pear cw-650 and Sweet Pear 389.  It’s a soothing fall palette taking cues from nature and fruit like pineapples and mangos. It’s important to start with a color palette in mind when setting up a table or celebration. So with the colors we want to use selected, let’s get started with cocktails…here are some quick tips for creating a self serve bar.

mimosa bar at skinny lane.001

I brought an antique table outside on the patio to create a comforting, indoor living room feel. I chose 4 different drink options for guests- sparkling water, juices (for a non-alcoholic drink or to mix with champagne), champagne and a local bottled beer which I kept chilled in copper bucket filled with ice. Keeping everything that a guest might need out and visible keeps the bar self-serve and alleviates you having to keep running inside for supplies. I had tumblers available for water or juice and tall and short champagne glasses for mimosas or champagne. I tied a bottle opener to the side of the copper bucket for the beer bottles. Natural colored beverage napkins kept the palette neutral. Pale blue cards labeled each juice so guests knew exactly what I was serving and I propped the cards up with rocks to keep them in place. Instead of flowers I filled a low clear glass vase with mint which could also be used as a garnish. Below, I topped each juice bottle with mini pineapples to keep pesky bugs away. These bottles are vintage glass bottles I found at a local yard sale. Using vintage or unusual serving containers can make your bar feel more personal and welcoming when entertaining at home. -Lynn Butler Beling

mimosa bottles w mini pineapples.001

Credits: Photography by John Dolan, styling by Lynn Butler Beling, calligraphy by Gail Brill Design, blue cards, glass tumblers and champagne glasses all from