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this week’s color palette: pink, red & blues inspired by a 1955 Life magazine cover

This week’s color palette is inspired by Life Magazine’s July 18, 1955 cover of Audrey Hepburn. A few weeks ago I found some old magazines and books. I love pouring over the old ads too. (I guess it’s fitting to include it this week when AMC’s Madmen series returns for it’s 6th season.) The article was short and no photographers name was given for the photographs. Here is what it said: “An Idyl for Audrey: In Italy she relaxes down on a plush farm. Peace and privacy are hard to come by for any movie star, but Audrey Hepburn has managed to find both this summer with her husband, Mel Ferrer. Twenty miles outside of Rome, Italy, the newlyweds rented a pink farmhouse with three servants and a menagerie of pets (the owner lives nearby and does the farming). Now Audrey says her life is so full of happiness she hasn’t any room for any more. Last week, however, Audrey’s pastoral idyl was interrupted. She and Mel started acting in Paramount’s War and Peace, which is being filmed near Rome. Now the Ferrers have to work 10 hours a day and they consider themselves lucky to get home at 8 for dinner.” (See all the photos from the story below.)┬áNote: As I do every week with our color palettes I have selected corresponding Benjamin Moore paints (above) as a guide for you to use.

audrey hepburn sitting w hat.001

The caption read: On her villa terrace holidaying Audrey, in a wide-brimmed Italian straw and two shades of pink, rests in basket-cone chair. While working on War and Peace she will commute to studio from the rented villa, as did the villa’s earlier tenant Gregory Peck during shooting of Audrey’s award-winning Roman Holiday.

audrey by tree.001

The caption read: In Tune with a Tree- Audrey impulsively uses her arms to simulate the branches of olive tree behind her. Olives, along with grapes, are principal product of the Italian farm where she is summering.

audrey hepburn w husband.001

The caption read: Husbandly hug is given by Mel to his wife. He guards her business affairs with equal devotion.

audrey with dog.001

The caption read: Lucky pup, which along with cats and pigeons (see cover) goes with farm, is petted by Audrey.