August 6th, 2012 No Comments

this week’s color palette: red & yellow tomato with herb sandwich

I love this photo that my friend, photographer Sang An, took for Body & Soul magazine. It’s an heirloom red and yellow tomato sandwich with herbs, tofu spread and sea salt. Tofu is not my personal favorite so I think I would personally change it to a mozzarella cheese. These first weeks of August are always the time my Dad’s tomatoes are fully ripe and we enjoy tomatoes and corn- any which way! I especially love fried green tomatoes. And just like in the movie “The Help” – Crisco is the secret to frying green tomatoes…coat them in flour, put in an iron skillet with lots of crisco and fry. Then we put them on white bread slathered with butter, salt and pepper and ….. YUM! Pair the sandwich with boiled corn and it’s a great summer meal. Sang’s photo is a bit more on the light calorie side, with lightly toasted bread, but tomatoes this time of year are such a treat- any way you slice them!