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valentine’s day wrapping made simple: 4 containers, 8 different ways.

If you are looking for a few simple wrapping ideas for your Valentine’s Day treats we pulled together 4 containers, each with two different ideas… four containers, eight ideas. Let’s Start with the four containers and where we got them.

valentine wrapping containers.001

Jug with red cap, $3 each, red polka dot candy Cup, $4 for 20 cups, glass milk Bottle with lid, all from Shop Sweet Lulu. Bucket, $12 for 12, from Candy Warehouse.

valentines joy jug.001

These mini jugs are perfect to share your favorite punch or valentine’s cocktail with your friends. We dubbed it the “Joy Jug”. We secured a heart straw and tag (calligraphed by Gail Brill ) with red grosgrain ribbon to the handle for an individual treat. You could also just have the tag say your friend’s name, or happy valentine’s day- whatever you want! These are miniature milk jugs, so you could also fill it with milk and give cookies as a special treat, like we’ve shown with the glass milk bottles.

valentines jug w jelly beans.001

This is easy! Just fill the miniature jug with jelly beans and tie a bow on the handle. You can of course personalize it by adding a tag or printing out a sticker label for the front or a round sticker for the top of the lid. This is a great way to contain candy for work colleagues, teachers.. anyone that might want to keep a little jug of candy on their desk to access a sweet treat every now and then. We got a 5 pound bag of assorted red, white and pink jelly beans for $19 from Candy Warehouse.

valentines pink pails.001

These little buckets (which also come in white) are just the right size to be able to give to a whole class, office or favors for a party. Fill with lollipops to make a bucket ‘o pops or something more traditional like candy hearts. We paired an orange cord with the pink bucket for a great color combo and this bright red and white striped ribbon from Paper Source with our candy hearts. We are loving these felt hearts from Michael’s Craft Stores. They come in a packet of red, pink, white and hot pink and have adhesive on the back like a sticker. You can stick these hearts on anything! We’ve shown a few more options below, or have your kids help and decorate the whole bucket in hearts! (these hearts can stick on any of the containers we’ve shown here today) We also found that they look great on a plain t-shirt to turn your tee into a Valentine’s Day tee in the blink of an eye!

valentines pails 3 versions.001


valentines red candy cups.001

We put Dumb Dumb pops upside down in the candy cup, then slipped straw sleeves over their handles. We just just cut the heart straws to size. With the M & M candy cups we just made them a little more festive by putting the same felt hearts from Michaels on picks and nuzzling them in the candy. Michaels has a lot of different Valentine’s Day theme stickers and paper.

valentines candy hearts:bottle.001

These bottles with lids are fun and can be filled with most anything. We filled them with candy hearts and took our ribbon tape from Paper Source (the same ribbon tape we used to hang Christmas cards, remember?) and just sealed the top. I’ve linked you to all the tapes from Paper Source since Washi tape or fabric tape will work just the same. This is a great one if you have to do a lot of multiples because it’s so quick and easy.

valentine bottle milk:cookies.001

And of course last but not least simple milk and cookies with fun straws will brighten the biggest or littlest Valentine on your list. These are the same bottles we used above. You can also find these bottles on Etsy or usually at a local yard sale or flea market. You could also just take your everyday glasses and put the heart stickers on them for Valentines Day (just remember to take them off before washing).

We tried not to make these difficult and hope you got some inspiration. By either ordering online this weekend or making a quick trip to your local craft store you can create a few special treats for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Happy treating!