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weddings: something special, banquet atelier & workshop has a beautiful guest “book” print

At the recent National Stationery Show in NYC that we attended we met with Sarah Edmonds, Creative Director and her partner Tammy Lawrence of Banquet Atelier & Workshop. We love their nature inspired screen printed limited edition prints and stationery… especially the whale! (see below) But most of all we love their Special Occasion Guest Book Print, unframed for $36. This is a unique way to remember your wedding day or anniversary party or even a milestone birthday. A guest book will sit on a shelf or in a box somewhere but something like this that you can frame and recall each guest that shared in your memory is very special indeed.

framed banquet guest sheet.001

(this photo of a framed Guest Book Print is via Banquet Atelier & Workshop)

banquet booth.001

Sarah Edmonds, Creative Director, Banquet Atelier & Workshop in her booth at the National Stationery Show in New York City 2013.