November 28th, 2012 No Comments

weddings & celebrations: cupcakes as favors

Whether you are planning a large wedding or a small holiday party, cupcakes and mini cupcakes are always a welcome sweet! They can be decorated so many different ways. Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book has 175 ideas for decorating cupcakes, like these monogram cupcakes above (visit for cupcake cutters and supplies and for cupcake stands). But you can always visit your favorite local bakery and ask what kind of cupcake designs they offer for weddings or holidays. They usually have a portfolio of designs they can do, or have done for clients, that aren’t always made on a daily basis for the store. We’re now obsessed with Billy’s Bakery in NYC. Their mini cupcakes are so delicious! They also have a favor box for their cupcakes and they ship across the country.