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Weddings: Favors, Think Outside of the Box

It seems like favors are expected at weddings now, but you certainly don’t have to give favors if you find yourself at a loss for what to give. The best favors though are the ones that are personal to the bride and groom or the location of the wedding. A great example of this are these salmon favors that a bride and groom gave to their guests at their Anchorage, Alaska wedding. The families caught and packaged their own Alaskan salmon to give to each wedding guest. A simple label printed on their computer finished it off. If you like this idea but aren’t able to package and jar your own fish, try Acme Smoked Fish. My friend Jaime brought this company to my attention. It’s a fish company in Brooklyn and they have great salmon jerky that you can buy from their site.  If this seems too ‘fishy’ for you, it might be a great savory treat for the men or groomsmen at the wedding while the women might like a sweet treat. Or try a great beef jerky from Field Trip Jerky.

Above photo by Rick Lew for the Alaska wedding we covered which originally appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings. Below, Acme Smoked Fish’s Jerky under their label “Ruby Bay”.

acme smoked jerky.001