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weddings with liz banfield: a bride and groom embrace valentine’s weekend with red, pink… and a lot of fun in San Francisco!

When Diego and Suzanne decided to be married on Valentine’s weekend, they wholeheartedly embraced the holiday with style and also a little wink to the kitch that often goes with it. First they enlisted Isabella Sikaffy of Florabella Weddings to design the event. She made a plan to transform the Menlo Circus Club, from the elaborate red-on-red dining room all the way down to carpeting the floor of the cocktail space shocking pink. Guests couldn’t help but smile at all the little details, including candy-heart inspired table names (like “U R Hot” and “Soul Mate”) calligraphed onto heart shaped butler cards. The vibrant red and pink palette lent a warmth and humor to the reception so fitting to this fun-loving couple.
I especially liked how the bride incorporated her color scheme without insisting that everyone match. Her sister wore a pale pink cocktail dress with bright red pumps. Her nephews were clad in pink gingham dress shirts and red ties. She decided against bridesmaids but her best friends all wore cocktail dresses in red or pink to an exuberant effect.
Another detail I loved — Suzanne had her Peter Langer dress customized with a zip out skirt. After cutting her cake, she quickly transformed her gown into a mini-dress for dancing. She boogied the night away in comfort, showcasing her bright red satin Kate Spade pumps. -Liz Banfield
For more inspiration our wedding contributor, Liz Banfield has several books in print, most notably, Weddings by Tara Guerard and Southern Weddings: New Looks from the Old South. Note: Wedding cake by  elegantcheesecakes.com.
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