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weddings with peter callahan: bacon cocktails, bacon appetizers, bacon garnishes- they’re all having their day and they are packing a smokey punch of flavor!

As I’m seeing a trend of bacon becoming more popular at events I turned to our March Weddings Contributor, Peter Callahan (bestselling cookbook author & founder of the culinary design studio, Peter Callahan Catering),  to see what he’s been serving. As we talked about the increase in requests for bacon from his clientele, it turns out Peter has a sentimental spot for bacon.

“I grew up with bacon. Bacon was put in my peanut butter sandwiches that we ate for lunch while skiing at Mad River. Slab bacon from the local butcher in Londonderry, Vermont was what we served at breakfast and we got special apple smoked bacon at the holidays. Bacon appears all over my menus, with drinks, in hors d’oeuvres and paired anywhere a smokey punch of flavor is welcome.”- Peter Callahan

Above, clockwise, mini old-fashioned glass of bourbon paired with strip of crispy maple glazed bacon, bacon canapés filled with baked beans, topped with brunoise of jewel-toned veggies, small squares of crispy La Quercia bacon standing vertically on tray (peter says, “it’s perfect all by itself! we serve this for breakfast, after parties + more), and summer white corn soup with chive blossom (“ours is made with a great cobb stock with fresh shaved corn”) and crispy pancetta with a caprese salad of heirloom zebra, dark plum and red tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, watermelon and basil, garnished with bacon strips.

To contact Peter for your wedding or celebration visit his site and to purchase his bestselling book, Bite by Bite: 100 stylish little plates you can make for any party, click here.

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