March 15th, 2013 No Comments

we’re loving the simplicity of click and grow- especially for basil

Ok- a “smartpot” that waters and fertilizes plants electronically so you don’t have to? We want it! I for one do not have a green thumb- so Click and Grow takes the guess work out of growing beautiful plants and vegetables. The design of the flowerpot is simple and clean white (which we love!), though you will be able to personalize your flowerpot soon. Then all you need after purchasing the flowerpot is a plant cartridge of your choice. I’m going to start with their basil starter kit. You need batteries and water to start, but after that the smart technology takes care of everything. A few weeks later- whola! Beautiful basil sprouts! (It will grow to full size in about 3 months) – Lynn Butler Beling

click & grow smart garden.001