May 24th, 2013 No Comments

we’re loving these tubs for organizing just about everything!

TUBTRUGS¬†containers have been our new best friends lately. From large tubs that can hold wood to all different sized tubs to hold toys, games, pillows, blankets, food… anything you want really and they come in great colors! Our last purchase was the little Microtubs for $2.50 each which we plan to use to hold each of the fixings on our Memorial Day sundae bar. Because they are food safe we think we can use them this weekend to hold dips and salsa too. They could also be great to hold the kids ice-cream, popcorn for outdoor movies, snacks on the beach or they could be great to hold favors for a party instead of a favor box. They can even be used to organize pencils, crayons… whatever you can think of. We use the shallow sized ones for shells we bring back from the beach and another for sandy wet flip flops. But they are great for gardening too. The most expensive one is $32, so compared to other containers these won’t break the bank. You can order directly from their website (which we linked above) or check your local garden nursery. That’s where we found ours.

tubtrugs mini.001

tubtrugs with horse.001