May 10th, 2012 1 Comment

yellow & white: rugs, pillows and doors

I used to have my living room painted yellow at our beach house. Although it was always lively and energetic, I did tire of it after a year or so. I now prefer when rooms are more neutral and you can add pops of color seasonally with pillows and flowers. A rug though makes a huge statement in a room and I’ve always loved patterned yellow rugs. This photo and rug are from The Rug Company. I think it’s a great example of how much impact a colorful rug can make in your room and completely change the look with just one purchase. Another great idea to bring in pops of a favorite color is with painted doors. I mentioned before I painted all my upstairs doors in navy and I love it. It makes me happy looking at them everyday. Below is an example of a designer that painted a pocket door in yellow to bring a burst of color into a neutral gray and white kitchen. Try  Stark Paint’s “Split Straw” in lacquer gloss- it’s a little more muted and would be beautiful as an accent to whites, creams and grays. But if you are looking for more of a sunshine yellow try Benjamin Moore’s “Yellow Lotus” 2021-50, (has an orange tint) or “Sundance” 2022-50 (a clear, true yellow). The designer also carried the yellow throughout the kitchen in accessories. Doors are so fun to paint in colors- it’s not a big commitment and you can change them easily and often if you tire of a color. For accent pillows, Jane Churchill’s “Country Stripe” fabric in yellow, available through Cowtan and Tout is a classic choice.