January 23rd, 2014 No Comments

6 different container ideas to display your paper whites this winter

As we started off this week we mentioned how Paper Whites are an inexpensive way to bring a sense of spring inside in January. Here are six different, yet simple container ideas to display yours.

Above, Get out those clear vases that are lingering in your cabinet from all those flower arrangements you receive throughout the year. It’s pretty to see the bulb and roots. Below, An apple crate, vintage butter box or these wooden boxes we found with a planter liner, $7.99, available from Save On Crafts, put a rustic style to the sleek paper white.

paper whites in wooden box.001

Galvanized Zinc Trays, available from Jamali Garden make a more modern and low arrangement.

paper whites in galvanized trays.001

Glass Jars with Lids like these food containers available from The Container Store are a fun, casual look.

paper whites in glass jars.001

Using cleaned jam and honey jars as containers are a great way to recycle and re-use. Shown in multiples by a window makes more of a statement.

paper whites in short glass jars.001

Vintage jars and bottles in all different sizes make an impact when grouped together. Other collections you may find at flea markets or yard sales that could work just as well are baskets, milk glass vases or even silver bowls and trophy cups.

paper whites in vintage bottles.001