December 27th, 2012

6 of my favorite new neutral paints from benjamin moore’s color stories line

As much as we talk about color and what the new ‘it’ color trend will be this year, I started talking about whites and creams at the beginning of the week to close the year.  Neutrals are a great backdrop for these pops of color that all the shelter magazines endorse and realistically what most homes are painted. Not many people venture out to paint a room a bold red, or a cobalt blue or a sunflower yellow I have found during my work. Most people ask for a calming, perfect neutral color. And really, if you plan to sell your home in the very near future, you want to paint your rooms in soothing neutrals. This will appeal to the widest range of buyers. You can always add those pops of color in your sofa, chairs, art work, and accessories, don’t forget. So what are some amazing white and cream paints?  Benjamin Moore has a great new line called Color Stories and I love some of the neutrals in this line. I’ve selected 6 of my favorites for you here. If you are planning to paint your room though always select a few paint samples and put on your wall- they can be very different. Look at the paint swatches throughout the day. Depending on the light and the time of day it will look darker or lighter. You’ll see from the Color Stories color palettes what these neutrals are tinted- some are tinted blue, gray, some yellow, some pink etc..