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anemone bouquet

It is a nice idea to incorporate the same flower (or flowers) in your bouquet into the design of your cake or vise versa. This anemone bouquet I styled for Martha Stewart Weddings would make a wonderful compliment to the anemone cakes I posted. (Bouquet flowers by Matthew Robbins)

Lynn’s TIP: having a color palette decided on in the beginning of your wedding planning process (or any celebration for that matter) is a great place to start. This will narrow down your decision making process when you are faced with thousands of choices. Black, peach, pale pink and white or cream is a great color palette for weddings (especially since many grooms decide to wear a black suit or black tux). The peach and pale pink add a nice feminine ‘softness’ to the contrasting masculine black.

WHERE SHOULD YOU START WHEN CHOOSING A COLOR PALETTE? I always find color inspiration by gathering paint swatches and they are easy to carry with you or mix and match together. House Beautiful magazine has a great page every month called ‘paint palette’. They find a very inspirational photo and pull out paint colors from the photograph. You’ll find a lot of amazing color combinations there that you might have never considered.

Notes: Anemone flowers are available in Winter and Spring. Polka dot ribbon available through Masterstroke Canada.