July 24th, 2013 1 Comment

weddings: anemone cakes by elisa strauss of confetti cakes

(photographed by Monica Buck)

I have collaborated and styled so many wedding cakes over the years and one of my favorites is a cluster of 3 little floral cakes I designed with the very talented Elisa of Confetti Cakes for InStyle Weddings. I had a craftsman make 3 black cake stands, varying in height. I was inspired by a vase and we worked from a snapshot I had taken of it. Usually you wouldn’t think of black cake stands for a wedding, but I think the light colored cakes and the anemone flowers with black centers keep it classic in style and not too dark. Notice that the three cake stands vary in height by an inch or two to add visual interest. Also notice that the flowers and piping are very abundant on one cake..a little less so on another..and just one large flower as a topper on the third. This allows your eye to flow easily from one to the other because there is a slight difference in design.

Lynn’s TIP: When working with a cake baker make sure to discuss who will provide the cake stand and what it will look like. The cake stand is very important to the overall look of your cake (as you can see here). If you decide to provide the cake stand, ask your baker what the diameter of the bottom cake tier is and then add about one and a half  inches in addition to this number to allow a ‘border’ around the base of your cake. For instance, if your bottom cake tier is 20 inches, then look for a stand that is at least 21-22 inches in diameter. Make sure you also discuss with your baker what embellishments will adorn the bottom tier as well (They sometimes add extra unexpected touches that might surprise you on your big day). By asking these questions, together you can decide exactly how the cake will look on your wedding day (or celebration).

Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes has two books available for purchase and she discusses color a lot in her books- “Confetti Cakes Cookbook” and “Confetti Cakes for Kids”.  Elisa says: “Color is everything to me- we have matched everything from Pantone chips to PMS colors to ribbons, dolls, flowers and even paint chips to coordinate with our clients’ cakes!”