August 6th, 2013 No Comments

check out my shop’s collection of mud australia plates and our unique accessories- all the tableware you see here can be found at the little blue dish shop

I really love these plates and bowls that I have at my shop. They are from a collection called Mud Austalia (made in Austalia) and it has to be one of my favorite lines of tableware. The inside is glazed and the outside is matte. We carry them in cream and a slate color. Paired with our Belgium linens from Libeco and our stainless steel accessories from Alessi, you can see how a table setting can come together with them. Felt accessories like our bunny egg cozies are sure to bring a smile to everyone in the morning too. They go over top an egg (shown in our wooden egg cups) to keep the eggs warm. Our pink salt is very fine with a light flavor and it comes with it’s own wooden salt spoon. Having special guests for a visit one weekend? Little notes like this ‘good morning’ are a simple detail to add to any place setting (or have a note that denotes the holiday you are celebrating, like ‘happy easter’ or ‘merry christmas’). I also carry these tiny sized cards in our paper collection.  – Lynn Butler Beling

Of note: See how this table is all in neutral colors like our sandy neutral color palette I featured yesterday? Neutrals can be very elegant for any type of table setting.

Photography by Sang An, exclusively for and copyright of Lynn Butler Design and Little Blue Dish. Styled by Lynn Butler Beling.