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create a neutral color palette with gray & green

When people think of neutrals most automatically think of tans and creams, but gray and green can be a nice alternative. Whether it’s light or dark gray, both shades are still very neutral. Green solids or patterned fabrics add dimension and texture like this upholstered headboard in Elizabeth Mayhew’s bedroom above or these solid green drapes in a dining room pictured below. Blending in cream or white balance the overall palette. This is an easy palette to work with in kitchens too since many appliances, finishes and flooring are all in the gray family.  And don’t forget your front door. Set the mood of your home with the color of your door and this green/gray pictured below sets the tone for a peaceful retreat. Click here for our paint suggestions this week. Veranda magazine and blog.thedpages are owners of these images. Please visit their webpages for sources.

gray walls: green drapes.001

gray kitchen.001


(sources: veranda, blog.thedpages.com)