December 19th, 2013 No Comments

Decorate with your heart, you might be surprised with the outcome

If you love a color, sometimes you just have to go for it when you are decorating. Once you have selected a color palette it’s fun to start selecting things for your room because the choices are narrowed down for you.  Maine Cottage is a great resource, they have furniture and fabric in so many colors. They have a bed similar to this bed in the photo too. If you aren’t finding what you want at stores visit your local fabric store for fabrics you love to make into drapes and pillows. If you can’t sew, check the posts at the fabric store and there are most always numbers and business cards of people that are looking for work sewing.  Even paint a graphic stripe on a wall or a ceiling or paint that old wood furniture you have to give it new life. So many of my clients turn to me and say, “Can we do that?”, when relaying their wishes. And although there of course are theories to design, try not to worry so much about what might be “right” and let your heart lead you when decorating.  You might be surprised how much you love the outcome. I recently saw a room with the ceiling painted high gloss black and the walls white. I really wouldn’t have ever recommended this but the home owner loved black and white and it just worked in their space. So sometimes you just have to go with your gut.