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December 19th, 2013 No Comments

Decorate with your heart, you might be surprised with the outcome

If you love a color, sometimes you just have to go for it when you are decorating. Once you have selected a color palette it’s fun to start selecting things for your room because the choices are narrowed down for you.  Maine Cottage is a great resource, they have furniture and fabric in so many colors. They have a bed similar to this bed in the photo too. If you aren’t finding what you want at stores visit your local fabric store for fabrics you love to make into drapes and pillows. If you can’t sew, check the posts at … Read more

July 1st, 2013 No Comments

all american color palette- red, white & blue

As we celebrate our nation this week with the 4th of July, the color palette of red, white and blue can conjour up a lot of different emotions for many of us. Most of us associate it immediately with our flag and others as a classic, maybe even a country (as in rural) association. Others may associate it with our military. Charity Navigator guides you through the best charities for our heroes. So if you have been meaning to support your police, firemen or veterans this may be the week to search out either a local or national charity. Read more

August 31st, 2012 No Comments

friday shopping: red stripes

Yesterday we showed you Amy Neunsinger’s room with blue walls and red beams. Today here is an opposite example of how to include color. Walls, floor etc. are all in neutral white and the rug, towels and accents are the pops of color. This way of adding pops of color is obviously easy to change when or if you grow tired of the color you selected. Painting walls, floors and ceilings in a color is more of a commitment and a little more time consuming to change but remember- paint can be changed at low cost and doesn’t have to … Read more

May 31st, 2012 2 Comments

blue, red and white stripes for floors

As I discussed before- a rug can make a huge impact on your interior space. Check out this blue, red and white rug in this sophisticated blue and white room, photographed for Lonny Magazine and designed by Michele Bonan Interiors. The designer kept things crisp and clean with white painted trim, white furniture and pops of blue and red throughout the space. You could also play with stripes and ticking too for upholstered pieces to give a little more of a traditional feel to the decor. If you haven’t heard of Dash and Albert Rugs, check out … Read more