August 31st, 2012 No Comments

friday shopping: red stripes

Yesterday we showed you Amy Neunsinger’s room with blue walls and red beams. Today here is an opposite example of how to include color. Walls, floor etc. are all in neutral white and the rug, towels and accents are the pops of color. This way of adding pops of color is obviously easy to change when or if you grow tired of the color you selected. Painting walls, floors and ceilings in a color is more of a commitment and a little more time consuming to change but remember- paint can be changed at low cost and doesn’t have to be forever-so go for it if it makes you happy. (Of note: If you are planning on selling your home in the near future though- it’s best to keep walls and floors neutral and add pops of color with easy accents like we show here today. Many buyers can’t visualize rooms very well, so if they don’t like the bright blue you picked for you walls for example, it might be hard for them to overlook. Many buyers also are overwhelmed at the thought of painting if they don’t like the colors you selected- it’s just another ‘to do’ item on their list in their mind and it might really affect the way they think about your home and the purchase price.)

Get the look: Signature Towels, $14.50-$48, from Garnet Hill, Outdoor Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair, $2,147, available from DWR,¬†Floor Cushion in in “Juggling” red and white stripe fabric, 45 pounds, from¬†, Striped Rug, 23 x 36, $48, from (photo via House Beautiful and design by Ellen O’Neill)